Our Great Region Awards

Recognizing outstanding projects in the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s 13-county region that advance the goals and strategies outlined in the Our Great Region 2040 plan, the Award program was established in 2016 to celebrate projects offering effective solutions and new opportunities.

  • The Connection Award honors a project that advances two or more of the plan’s strategies through innovative partnerships.
  • The Diligence Award honors an implemented project that executed a creative and tenacious project approach to overcome challenges to implementation.
  • The Reach Award honors a project that demonstrates exemplary public participation.
  • The Opportunity Award honors a project that helps to overcome disparities in access to opportunity.
  • The Excellence Award is the highest honor bestowed in the Our Great Region Awards, recognizing projects that are best advancing the vision of the Our Great Region 2040 plan in urban, rural, suburban, and coastal areas of our region.



Why Apply

Applying for the Our Great Region Award creates a record of an organization’s achievements. Winning the Our Great Region Award allows an organization’s project to serve as a model for other projects in the region.Winning the Our Great Region Award earns an organization positive recognition and prestige.



Plans, programs, projects, or policies that have furthered or implemented a Big Idea of the Our Great Region 2040 plan within the 13 county region in the past 3 years are eligible for submission. Plans, programs, projects or policies shall be referred to simply as ‘projects’ in the remainder of the application package but eligibility is not limited to projects.

The 13 county region is composed of the following counties: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Waller, Walker, and Wharton.

Any organization may apply for the awards. Organizations include but are not limited to cities, counties, other units of local governments, nonprofits, educational institutions, private businesses, and community groups.


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